Thursday, September 11, 2008

Greenhouse Blown Over

Disaster! My wife let me know on Tuesday evening that the greenhouse (and a pavilion structure we had up in the back garden from a barbecue) had blown over. By the time I got home, in with other stuff, I hadn't time to deal with it, so it had to wait until Wednesday evening. I saw this:

Whatever way the wind was on Tuesday, it contrived to push over the whole structure, pulling out the pins that run through the bottom bars and into the ground. Some of the bars are a little bent, but it stayed mostly intact. It did, however, pull over with it one tomato plant, one cucumber, one butternut squash, and one sweet pepper. Most of them seem ok, considering, but I'm not sure the cucumber is going to survive the experience.

I stood everything back up, re-pinned it, and put the plants back in:

And then while I was standing inside, it had a go at blowing over again. I was able to catch it and hold it down, but not to prevent the squash and cucumber from falling again. I then arranged two strings over it, tied to the shed on one side and pins in the ground on the other. I reckon it was a coincidence of wind direction and strength, because it's shown no sign of budging otherwise.

I have no idea if that will hold it, but it'll have to do for now. Before I put it to serious use next year, it's going to get a properly level area under it, and be attached firmly to the ground.

I'll let you know how the plants do, and if they survive bring tipped over...