Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fruit Trees

And after the planting of vegetables and fruit bushes, we now have fruit trees as well. These came from the local Lidl, and look like being excellent. We put in one each of a Golden Delicious apple, a Cox's Orange Pippin apple, a Buerre Hardy pear, a Conference Pear, and an Opal plum.

Here are the hard fruit:

And this, in front of the onion and lettuce bed, is the plum:

And the only problem I ran into is that the handle of the spade I was using snapped. Just plain broke off, right above the metal haft. I'm not THAT strong, so I reckon there must have been some flaw in the wood.

The shovel we have sufficed to finish the job, and I'll look for another spade.

It's immensely satisfying to be coming into the winter with a dozen different crops already lined up for next year!

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Anonymous said...

Check out DeWit tools for some seriously stout spades. I was breaking digging fork a season before I switched. If you can read Dutch, check them out at