Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Garden Calendar

I've been reading up repeatedly about pruning for the various fruit trees and bushes we have, and then blanking on which one happens when. This really isn't terribly helpful, because it means I have to search out the information again, and I've been trying to think of some sort of useful mnemonic - but haven't come up with anything.

Eventually, I realised I had a useful tool for this already - my online calendar. I use Google Calendar for this, and it is, of course, very easy to choose a Saturday at the appropriate time of year for pruning each tree or bush. So that's what I've done, setting pruning dates out to mid-2012. If the actual dates don't suit closer to the time, I can move them, and once I've done the actual pruning, I can mark next year's calendar. Apart from anything else, this will give me a record of what I've planted when.

I'm reckoning on doing this with other garden tasks as well - particularly planting. That way, I'll have a record of planting dates without having to mess around with other spreadsheets or external gardening diaries, and can see over time what works well and what didn't.

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