Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pictures of Very Small Crops

The lettuces planted in the small pots are coming up as seedlings, and they could be seen coming for some time. However, the pumpkins took me by surprise. For one thing, all of them sprouted. And for a second thing, they exploded out of the soil, pushing chunks up in places, as you can see:

That was three days ago. They're even bigger now (and you can see the lettuces in the smaller pots):

In the meantime, the pepper plant which - more or less - survived the winter seems to trying to fruit again. In this picture, alongside various shades of leaf, you can see the beginning of the buds. I'll admit, you kind of have to know what you're looking for, but they're there. Peppers are supposed to be annuals, so quite what this one is at, I'm not sure. It's also not in a greenhouse, although it was in the house for the winter.

And finally, here's the very start of one of the Siberian tomatoes. You can just barely see it as a little green fruit, with light green stripes on darker green.

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