Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Courgettes Planted

Well, the courgette seeds are in the ground. I'd take a picture, but really, it doesn't look any different yet, apart from being a bit darker from the compost that's dug through it. I also have my computer set up again, in one of the rooms that faces onto the back garden, so if any of the plants suddenly decide to head for the sky, Beanstalk style, I'll know immediately. More usefully, I can keep an eye out for neighbourhood cats going digging.

In the other, smaller bed, the experimental potatoes are starting to leaf properly, and the spring onions are just barely coming up. I was about to pull out what look like some very un-onion-like little double leaves, but then remembered secondary school science telling me that all plants start off with those two little round leaves. So I'll leave them until they turn into onions or something else before they come out or stay in. The recognisable onions have very thin stalks (leaves?), some of which have odd angles in them, or fall over at the ends. I'm not sure if that's expected, or if they want more water - but considering the rain yesterday and some of today, I can't think they could. There'll be pictures of them when there's enough there to pick out from the background.

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Radegund said...

I'm sorry to say that the image that sprang to mind when I read "experimental potatoes" was a load of tubers with edgy haircuts playing irritating jazz riffs. Or maybe they're experimenting with form and colour? One looks like a pink French horn, say, while another is a caricature of Charles Haughey with lizard skin.

I ate a plate of potatoes that had grown in our compost bin a couple of years ago. Niall wouldn't touch them. They were delish - as I'm sure yours will be.