Thursday, May 15, 2008

House In Ireland

Hi. I'm Drew. My wife and I have just bought our first house. Because I'm a geek of the worst and highest order, the first thing I do with any new project is to create a website about it. Hence, welcome to House In Ireland.

In these pages, I'll be providing you with a riveting, blow-by-blow account of our efforts to redecorate, garden, and otherwise do all those things we haven't been able to do while renting. It will also serve as a bit of an online scrapbook, because I constantly see things on design sites, home improvement pages, and gardening blogs that I like the look of, and want to remember for my own later use.

I'll attempt to provide pictures, when I can. Some of these I'll take myself, and I apologise in advance for their quality. The better pictures you'll see have been taken by my wife, or by friends skilled in the use of these exotic "camera" devices.

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