Thursday, May 22, 2008

Man at Work

So, this courgette bed still hasn't been planted, because we've been busy with moving stuff. I'm hopeful of getting to it this evening, because otherwise it'll be Monday. We've a guest coming to stay, though, so unless he's entertained by watching me fork over clayish soil and dig compost in before I plant, they may just have to wait.

Here are some pictures of the progress so far, though. This is the area where I want to put in three beds, roughly clipped with a shears:

And this is me, digging like mad:

And this is me again, contemplating the cleared bed:

(Pictures by Sorcha O'Brien)

It has since been forked over initially, and while the soil there is slightly more clay-ish than I'd really like, I think some compost will open it up. It's certainly nice and easy to dig, and there are few stones, no bits of glass or metal, and no roots worth speaking of.

I'm planning to do something about edging, or maybe putting some paving stones or something between the beds - to neaten up the look of it, if nothing else. If I'm planting more in this area, it'll be to the left on the first picture. The long term plan involves some small buildings there - a sauna and some decking - so I don't want to put anything too permanent in. Fruit bushes are a possiblity, fruit trees are probably not.

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