Saturday, May 17, 2008


I've been poking across the web at various aspects of kitchens. There's a kitchen shelves post here by Holly of Haus Maus, which illustrates a concept she's looking at for her new kitchen in Germany.

There's also a set of scans of kitchens from an old issue of Marie Claire Maison from Automatism.

There are a few things in common between these - open storage being a big one. But I don't think it'd work for us; it's very easy for open shelved storage to get messy, and I suspect it means cleaning everything on a regular basis, even if it's just because of dust. I'd rather the dishes not get dusty.

There's also a lot of light in those designs, which is another argument for letting light in from the south side of the house to the kitchen. I expect the computer room door to be open a lot, which will let in some, but I'm going to have to look at the actual light fittings as well. The current ones are a set of three small directed shades, which aren't nearly bright enough as they are. I'm thinking spotlights pointed at the counter-tops and tables would be very useful.


Deirdre said...

Mum has some open shelves in her kitchen, everything on them for any time is covered in grease and the amount of scrubbing to make them usable is amazing. She used to have more open shelves but over time dad boxed them in. The problem isn't lower shelves really, it's upper shelves where you store stuff.

Deirdre said...

Also Mac is thinking about frosted glass doors for some of the kitchen cabinetry.

cartographer said...

Our kitchen has entirely open shelving (apart from the horrible rusty cupboards that look like they came out of a submarine), and I like it a lot. We do have a tendency to leave junk on the lower shelves, leaving handfuls of coins and pens and cat medicine there, but it still works pretty well. They're big chunky things in very dark solid wood, and the kitchen's not well lit, so it's quite possible that they're filthy with grease and we just can't tell yet.

A near-future project is to get some good lighting in there, so we'll see then.