Thursday, May 15, 2008

Push Lawn Mowers

I'd like to claim that our decision to get a push lawn mower was driven by environmental considerations, but really, it came down to price. We could shell out for an electric mower - which I consider to be dangerous buggers at the best of time, owing to the risk of running over the cord, and also adds to the electricity bill - or get an "ordinary" petrol one. Which would mean paying for petrol for its entire lifetime. And then the local Lidl had a push mower for the princely sum of €40.

I'm finding it to be pretty nearly perfect. It's going to need weekly use during the summer, because otherwise the grass will simply get too long for it, but that's not a problem. A quick trial has shown that I can mow the area of the back lawn that we're cutting, and the entire, much smaller, front lawn, in about fifteen minutes - and that's taking it easy. It has the added benefit of getting me some exercise, which will certainly do no harm. It's a lot better for the environment, and best of all, it makes a very pleasing thukka-thukka-thukka sound. It's all about the little things, right?

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